1st year anniversary & showcase event

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EPIT hosted 40 or so funders and partners at our new co-working offices in Raphoe House, Onehunga on Wednesday 28 Sept to celebrate one year of operation and showcase many of the exciting initiatives underway to remove inequity from our education system.

A warm welcome from CORE Education CEO and EPIT Advisory Board member, Dr Hana O'Regan kicked off an informative session. Hana's sharing of insights from the CORE Ed team's work, working closely with schools, their students and whānau, ensured everyone understood the inequity challenges faced on a day to day basis, by many of our learners.

Liz Gibbs, Group Head of Philanthropy at Perpetual Guardian, Advisory Board member and one of the founding supporters of EPIT, outlined EPIT's vision of transformational partnerships and the focus on sustainable, co-created systems change. She highlighted the work that EPIT has achieved so far, outlining the four key roles EPIT is beginning to play - Community Builders, Ecosystem Navigators, Impact Measurers and Facilitators of Thought Leadership. Liz also showed the current pipeline of initiatives awaiting funding consideration and the spread of projects across: Early Years | Digital Equity | Youth Mental Health & Wellbeing | Transition (from Pre-school to School and School to Work or Study) | Leadership

Trevor Gray, Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropies spoke of the struggle many funders have in identifying quality initiatives to support and the importance of transformational partnerships.

Presentations on current projects from Springboard Trust's CEO, Dale Bailey, Stonefield Collaborative Trust's Jana Benson and CORE Education's CEO Hana O'Regan validated the importance of proactive, co-created engagement with communities.

Louise Taylor, EPIT's Evaluation Adviser, outlined EPIT's Evaluation Framework designed via a participatory approach to capture stories of impact, ensuring milestone measurements and evidence of impact shared throughout the lifetime of an initiative. And finally, Nish Chakravarthy, EPIT's Community Engagement Manager, spoke of the power of the online community EPIT has chosen to use, bringing partners and funders together in a single, secure online platform, to share lessons learned and create a living kete of knowledge from which to draw insights.

We look forward to hosting everyone again soon.

Jane Treadwell-Hoye
29 September 2022
min read

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