Career Leadership and Education in Aotearoa – A Panel Discussion

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A timely discussion about careers leadership and education in Aotearoa

In New Zealand, a skills gap exists between school leavers and workforce demands [source: Ministry of Education]. This can have a significant impact on equitable employment opportunities, particularly for disadvantaged youth.  

‘If I had a penny for every time I heard an employer say to me that these kids don’t have the skills they are looking for, I’d be off sipping margeritas on a tropical beach’ – Russel Dunn, Tāmaki College.

There is a growing focus on Pathways and Career transitions.  

To address this, EPIT brought together a knowledgeable and experienced panel to discuss the current situation of career leadership and education in Aotearoa.  The panel were able to articulate the lived realities of the communities within which they are working.  There was discussion about the traditional approaches to Careers, and the types of change that were needed to create impact in this space.  They spoke about the initiatives they have instilled within their organisations to adapt to the identified needs of their communities.  

Some of the key points included:

- Emerging industries and the skills needed to thrive - The future of work is rapidly changing, with the tech sector at the forefront. The demand for tech skills like cybersecurity, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, are on the rise so how can we better prepare students for careers that are constantly evolving?

- Strategies for building effective career guidance programs - Equipping students with knowledge of diverse career options is vital to ensure they understand what is possible. Explore best practices for creating successful career guidance programs that integrate future-thinking career options.

- Bridging the gap between education and real-world opportunities - How can we ensure our education system effectively prepares students for the transition to meaningful careers? We'll discuss ways to connect classroom learning with the business sector to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application.

'What is the purpose of the education system? It is more than just to raise economic units' - Cherie Perrow, CDANZ

We had over 200 people register representing a range of organisations from across many sectors, including education, government, not-for-profits and commercial. The feedback we have received, and continue to receive, is in overwhelming support of the various topics touched on by our panelists.

  • The importance of leadership
  • Starting the career journey earlier
  • Broadening horizons
  • The power of networking
  • Ensuring that whānua are part of the process

The Panelists

We were fortunate to have a diverse panel for this discussion, with experience and knowledge working within education, government and industry.

Click here to watch the full discussion.

Nischal Chakravarthy
21 May 2024
min read

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