Education in future - what will success look like?

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Found yourself wondering what school leadership will look like in Aotearoa New Zealand in 2033?

Thinking about how to best prepare your learners for a world that is rapidly changing and ensure they are adaptable, resilient and ready for life after school?

Then you should be as excited as we are that we are bringing Valerie Hannon, global thought leader, innovator and educationalist, to Auckland Tāmaki-Makaurau in mid-March. Valerie is a radical voice for change, whilst grounded in a deep understanding of how education systems currently work, inspiring systems to re-think what ‘success’ will mean in the 21stcentury, and the implications for education.

This hands-on workshop will be in two parts:

1. Leading for the Future: Empowering our Learners

What will leading schools 'fit for the future' entail? How is it different to what we are doing now?

2. Using Design Principles in Transforming Schools for the Future

The future school. What is it? How will it operate? How do you actively participate in designing it?

Valerie's opening keynote at last year's CORE Education uLearn22 sparked much interest and discussion so now you have the opportunity to work alongside her with a cohort of colleagues from a range of schools and ECE.

Don't miss out on the chance to participate as tickets are limited, so we encourage all those leading, and working in, schools and early childhood centres to register early.

Jane Treadwell-Hoye
07 February 2023
min read

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