Mental Wellbeing Challenge

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What does your class do to support mental wellbeing?

Is your class doing something cool to promote mental wellbeing and create a positive school environment?

Pause Breathe Smile are running a competition to find out more! This challenge encourages schools to think about how they promote mental wellbeing amongst their students and staff, and to showcase this in a creative way.

Sharing is caring

It’s no secret that many schools are doing great work when it comes to mental wellbeing and supporting their students and staff. However, the visibility of this work is often limited, leading to a lack of knowledge and sharing of good practices across the education ecosystem. The more you can share about the great work you are doing, the better it is for everyone!

The Pause Breathe Smile Challenge

By taking part, your school will be able to share their own good practices in your own creative ways. This might be the catalyst for others to inspire change. Not only that, but there are also great prizes for the most creative entries, including a prize pack valued at $3,000 containing a selection of wellbeing resources, vouchers, and more.

So take the challenge and get your school involved today! Visit www.pausebreathesmile.nz/schools-competition/ for more information.

Nischal Chakravarthy
06 April 2023
min read

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