Oral language skills for pre-schoolers: tools for whānau and kaiako

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Te ako ki te whakarongo, me te kōrero

Learning to listen and talk - A guide for parents and kaiako

Talking and listening with tamariki aged 3-6 years

Over the last year, Tātai Aho Rau in partnership with EPIT, have been working in South Auckland communities to develop an innovative solution for triaging real-time speech and language support to tamariki in need. This work was a response to a prototype conducted in Hornby. It identified an equity challenge and acted as a catalyst for pursuing new and meaningful solutions for providing effective speech and language that support tamariki.

Talking and listening are skills that tamariki develop naturally as they grow. Engaging with adults and older children is beneficial for the ongoing development of all tamariki. However, some may require extra help and encouragement.

A tool for parents and kaiako

As this first phase of the initiative comes to a close, Tātai Aho Rau have released a tool with 3 simple activities to help parents and kaiako to support tamariki to understand and grow their talking and listening skills.

1. Te tōai i ngā rerenga kōrero ngāwari | Repeating simple sentences

2. Ngā kupu nenekara | Nonsense words

3. Te kōrero mō ngā pikitia | Talking about a picture

The resource also provides information about bilingual and multilingual learners, ideas for sharing language in an everyday context, and a visual representation of the language learning and development pyramid.

Click here to go check out their website and download the full resource!

Nischal Chakravarthy
01 June 2023
min read

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