Putting the human back into work

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Skedda recently interviewed our Executive Director, Jane Treadwell-Hoye, to learn more about the collaborative co-working space, Te Whiriwhiringa The Nest, that EPIT has established in a 1200m2 space in Onehunga, Auckland, made available to them by the Hugh Green Foundation.

For many non-profits supporting the education sector, navigating returning to work in a post-lockdown world exposed the cost limitations and frustrations of leasing office space and paying rent when their teams were not using the space.

"Organisations were paying rent on office spaces where fewer than 40% of their workforce was coming into the office."

In addition, the nature of work for these non-profits means that many of their team members travel to various locations throughout the week, so it didn’t make sense for them to continue their old, fixed location model of working.

EPIT realised many transitioning to hybrid work did not have a physical space for their teams to gather in, to bring back personal connection and to enable easier working together opportunities.

Our solution was to offer these organisations a range of resources - meeting rooms with full screen TVs and whiteboards, videoconferencing suites, ideation spaces, hot-desking, a lounge for casual conversations, a large open plan flexi-space designed for workshops, large events or meetings, a full kitchen, showers, e-bike parking and charging stations, and carparking. We wanted to create a physical space to encourage community as well as provide the opportunity for sharing of ideas, and 'water cooler' conversations with others.

Intrigued by the approach EPIT has taken the team at Skedda were keen to understand how we manage it. You can read more about what we are doing here.

We welcome enquiries about using our meeting rooms, event spaces and hotdesks.

Nischal Chakravarthy
01 August 2023
min read

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