Supporting rangatahi to dream without barriers

An initiative by

Nōna Te Ao Charitable Trust

in Partnership with EPIT

13 June 2024

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The E Tipu E Rea programme works alongside rangatahi to keep them in school and facilitate their pathways into meaningful futures. Offering training, pathway planning, and annual residential wānanga, the program broadens horizons by exposing students to various institutions and successful Māori role models. With over 100 rangatahi supported over four years, the initiative has notably increased school retention rates, with most Year 11 participants remaining until Year 13, contributing to the growth of rural schools. With alumni actively engaged in tertiary education, trades, and the workforce, the program anticipates continued impact, with graduates expected to return to mentor future participants.

The drive behind this initiative

The effects of colonisation, urbanisation and oppression have resulted in a loss of identity, reo, and land for Māori. For many Māori the future is one of poverty and hardship, making it difficult for them to remember who they are, what they once were and who they can become. For some, there is no dream of a future where they and their whānau can thrive. The E Tipu E Rea programme is changing this.

We don’t ask our rangatahi what they want to be, but what they want their lives to look like. It is their job to dream and our role is to provide programmes that help them to fulfil these, as well as remove any barriers that might stand in their way.

Sammy Hughes (CEO)

Approach to change

Nōna Te Ao uses an auto-ethnographic narrative approach, which utilises stories based on real events to present information and change. The theory of change supporting this is: if a generation of a people, armed with skills and opportunities, have a dream without barriers, then within 5 years of the programme there will be graduates from tertiary who will become highly skilled workers ki te kāinga, as well as highly skilled workers through trades training.

Impact for Equity

Impact for equity:

● To empower future Māori leaders, rangatira mō āpōpō

● To inspire and motivate rangatahi Māori to pursue educational pathways and training

● To improve outcomes in meaningful employment for rural rangatahi Māori

Learnings & Outputs


Nōna Te Ao Charitable Trust

Nōna Te Ao Charitable Trust is a Kaupapa Māori organisation dedicated to ensuring equitable outcomes for rural rangatahi Māori in their pathways from school into further education, employment, and training. The Trust is driven to ensure that rangatahi are able to dream without barriers.