EPIT Annual Impact Report 2021/22 - Creating equitable education outcomes for every Kiwi learner

April 2022

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Kia ora tātou, ngā mihi nui, and welcome to our 2021/2022 Impact Report.

The evolution of the Education Partnership and Innovation Trust (EPIT) from concept, early ideas and discussions between founding partners - Perpetual Guardian, Springboard Trust, The Southern Initiative and the Hugh Green Foundation in 2018, to the launch of EPIT during a global pandemic has been both rewarding and challenging. The role of partnerships to deliver sustainable, inclusive and resilient development is our ‘north star’ and crucial in our engagement processes.

Our core belief is that inequity in education in Aotearoa New Zealand needs to be addressed by aligned stakeholders engaging in collaborative relationships and unique, transformative partnerships.

These partnerships, supported by a diverse range of perspectives and approaches, aim to maximise value creation and deliver impact, resulting in much needed system change.

Our 2021/2022 Impact Report is a glimpse into examples of promising, early collaboration in action.

Levelling the playing field for learners

EPIT provides a physical collaboration space, in Auckland, aimed at bringing people together in conversations and project collaborations.

This resource and support leads to varying forms of ‘partnering’ and sharing. Our digital platform enables us to bring everyone’s combined learnings and shared knowledge into a neutral environment, to explore issues and opportunities of importance, that often do not sit with any single organisation or agency.

Our culturally grounded evaluation system allows us to measure impact and provide insightful reports to our project owners and partners.

Together, we can foster shared understanding about the complexity of equity.


We currently have nine projects underway across Aotearoa New Zealand, with more in our pipeline awaiting resource. Our partners delivering these projects have developed them with a deep understanding of the needs of their communities. While our report reflects the past 12 months, we are now focused on moving into our next phase of learner-focused, collaborative, multi stakeholder partnerships.

Thank you

We thank all our valued founders and partners; in particular the generosity of Allan and Gill Gray Philanthropies, the Hugh Green Foundation, Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust and the Fletcher Trust for their vision, partnership and contribution of resources. As a fledgling organisation, our team, led by Deb Masters, has taken us from initial start-up mode to transition and expansion. We thank Deb, Nish Chakravarthy, Louise Taylor and Jane Treadwell-Hoye for their work. My thanks to the Board (Liz Gibbs and Dale Bailey) for their advice and expertise and to Perpetual Guardian for hosting the collective ‘vision’.

Lastly, to the many people whose energy, expertise and belief that ‘partnerships are the new normal’ and likely to be an essential ingredient as we bake the ‘system shift cake’ – a huge thank you. We hope you find the results of our work and what’s coming next as exciting as I do!

I invite you to download the full impact report using the download button below.

Ngā mihi nui

Lorraine Mentz
Board Co-Chair

at Education Partnership and Innovation Trust

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