What Counts as Evidence?

April 2023

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What evidence does matter when you are looking to benchmark a situation before you begin your initiative?

How do you know what you are going to measure, and what types of measures are best for your initiative? What tools and methodologies do you need to consider? All these questions, and more, are frequently asked of our Evaluation Advisor, Dr Louise Taylor.

Louise plays an invaluable role assisting our partners and initiative owners navigate their way through the process of deciding how to assess and evaluate their initiatives.  

In her paper, What Counts as Evidence? Louise outlines how research and evaluation evidence is used, why social qualitative evidence is so important, and why we need to check our biases. And, finally she urges us not to forget the power, and simplicity, in knowing and understanding the lived experience.

Dr Louise Taylor
Evaluation Advisor

at Education Partnership and Innovation Trust

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