Latest Grant Recipients 2024

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EPIT welcomes our new partners, and welcomes back existing ones

We are pleased to announce that the Education Innovation and Partnership Trust has recently funded several organisations working across Aotearoa New Zealand who are focused on creating a more equitable education system for our young learners.

Education is the cornerstone of a just and thriving society. Through these partnerships, we are supporting initiatives that will help create the conditions for more equitable education impacts.

Meet our partners

Building a brighter future

This collaboration signifies EPIT's ongoing commitment to a future where every learner in Aotearoa has the opportunity to thrive. Together with both our new and existing partners, we'll be working to collect stories of impact and share the learnings to amplify their voice and the voices of the communities they are working with.

Stay connected

We'll be sharing the details of the individual initiatives, and regular updates on their mahi, over the course of the year so make sure you check in.

Nischal Chakravarthy
19 April 2024
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