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Te Kete Hono's Engagement Sliders

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Engagement Sliders isn't just a platform; it's a paradigm shift.

It is with great interest that EPIT have followed the evolution of our partner, Te Kete Hono's Formative Assessment Tool -  Engagement Sliders - The Ultimate tool for Enhanced Teacher Feedback.

Most assessment tools that are available to teachers in NZ are time consuming to administer and require high levels of evaluative capability to interpret and use the data. This is not often gifted back to the students, despite this data being about them and their learning.

The Engagement Sliders enable student voices to be prominent in discussions that shape their learning.  Students who may not give feedback in other contexts, are giving feedback to teachers about their enjoyment, their levels of challenge and how safe they feel in their learning experiences.  This is helping to shape their future learning.

Using the Engagement Sliders is changing learning design, with teachers rethinking how they group students. Feedback from students is shifting how teachers understand engagement and challenge in learning.  This has resulted in more effective and diverse learning designs.

“They feel heard and like sharing their thoughts/feedback. My practice has changed as a result as I am more open to the learner feedback and see it as an opportunity to change up the learning design to better meet their needs.” - Teacher

The Te Kete Hono team have had amazing feedback and responses to date; it has promoted reflective learning, facilitated essential conversations, given every student a voice and ensured equitable feedback opportunities. 

Click here to find out more and see how you could implement Engagement Sliders in and across any learning setting, be that a classroom, facilitating Professional Learning Development, or convening conference feedback.

Nischal Chakravarthy
17 October 2023
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