uLearn22: The online conference that challenges educational inequity

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EPIT are proud supporters of uLearn22

Our commitment to radically shifting inequity in education across Aotearoa is driven by our strong belief that it takes a connected community, working together in transformational partnerships, to bring about systems change.

We also know that many great ideas will come from those working at the heart of our education system who witness the daily challenges inequity brings. With this in mind, we have just launched our new EPIT Seed Fund which aims to help bring to life innovative ideas designed to solve these problems.  

We are keen to hear from anyone working in education who may have an idea for an initiative or project that will address an equity problem, and would like some financial assistance to test and validate it.

Goal of the Seed Fund

Taking an idea and turning it into reality can be daunting. The goal of our seed fund is to provide support as you refine your basic concepts and establish the viability of your idea, before you invest significant time and resources into developing it further. You may be seeking funds to:

- conduct some early research;

- hold a hui to gain insights from community; or

- collaborate with colleagues to design and develop a new solution.

Whatever your idea, we believe a 'test, learn and iterate' approach on a small scale will help you build out your idea and give you sufficient data to decide whether or not it's working and an initiative that is worth pursuing.

Selection Criteria

We are looking for ideas that aligns with both EPIT's purpose and with kaupapa Māori. We will also be looking to see co-creation and community engagement with a clear focus on equity. We recognise that at this early stage ideas are being tested but it's important that you are able to demonstrate why the initiative is needed, and how your idea may resolve the problem, or opportunity, you have identified.

If you have an idea you would like to try, please submit it here We will be in touch to learn more and ensure we fully understand your idea, and help you with your application. All successful applicants will be advised no later than 30 October.

Jane Treadwell-Hoye
3 October 2022
min read

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