EPIT Impact Report 2022/23: Creating equitable education outcomes for every Kiwi learner

August 2023

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We are pleased to announce the release of our 2022/23 Annual Impact Report.

Since our last report, and building on our first year’s foundations, we have continued to forge partnerships, create connections, and provide financial support and people expertise to the many organisations working with, and alongside, our frontline educators.

We have funded more initiatives, introduced our Innovation Seed Fund, hosted several important cross-sector events, and created a thriving collaborative co-working space operating on Level 1 at Raphoe House in Onehunga, Auckland.

Our funders have supported initiatives across a broad spectrum of work - the critical early years from birth to five; the mental health and wellbeing of our learners; the literacy challenges faced by many of our children; the digital inequities in the delivery of our online learning programmes; the transitions of our Years 12-13 from school to life pathways; and the leadership expertise in our schools.

Throughout 2022-23 rather than simply sharing information we are seeing more collaboration and reciprocal learning among the initiatives we support. We can see where one initiative’s direction is being directly shaped by another, and where expertise is shared in a number of initiatives.

In this year’s report we have chosen to shine a Spotlight on Literacy as several of our initiatives have focused on the challenges poor literacy creates for children on their learning journey. Our Spotlight showcases the work being undertaken and the early indicators of positive impact that are being seen.

And finally, a huge thank you to all those who have so willingly supported EPIT over the past 12 months. From the continued generosity of our funders: Allan and Gill Gray Philanthropies; the Hugh Green Foundation; the Joyce Fisher Charitable Trust and the Fletcher Trust; to the partners delivering the initiatives in our communities; and EPIT team overseeing it all. We could not have achieved what this 2022/23 Impact Report showcases without you.

Jane Treadwell-Hoye
Executive Director

at Education Partnership and Innovation Trust

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